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First days…

It´s friday,…so the first days on full fast have gone by. And it is happening again: lost 2 kg already and am feeling good. Although it is really hard the second time around and without the support of a group or even the „program“ people. Sadly there has been no call with my coach so far. appointment was 2 hours ago but besides signing contracts and sending equippment which i never wanted, they have done nothing to support or indroduce me or anything. Well, support will not be there for me after this so I do it on my own. Let´s see what their excuse will be on monday….

what is different as well as difficult, is the fact that Iam not working all day and living alone.. so I am confronted with normal food al day. When I did this the first time, I literally removed everything from my flat.. just tea and a cucumber to season all the water I drank… well, this is the new challenge.. resist the seduction.. because that will be it for the rest of my life… at least I hope I will be blessed with my amazing life as long as possible.

And yes, I already cheated, ate sausages and some cheese…at least both were the low fat kindI learned to love on the first program… but I will be better and already am better than all those weeks before I started. No I am not lowering my expectation, I am being realistic and honest.. and I am continuing.

I´ll keep you in the loop!

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losing more…

4 years gone since the end of the Optifast 52 programm…and I am still convinced it works… even though i have gained a loooot of weight back.

This is why i started again.. yesterday. I enrolled for the Optifast telemedical version, lasting another year. Though I am sceptical , if this telemedical version is enough for me, i will try it as it is locally the only option. Basically you have a website to document progress and setbacks in Weight, healt factors and othe measurements and protocol the conversations with your telecoach. There will be 15 calls, right now I am waiting for the initial one.

If I may start complaining right away: This is already beginning with a disappointment. The coach seemed to have tried to reach me several times and although i have filled my availabilities and phone numbers, there has been no message so far. I contacted the support line and now we finally set up a date to talk for the fist time.. friday, 5pm.. I am looking forward.

As I do know myself, I NEED Support, exchange and possibilities to interact with people experiencing the same, so I joined a support group for Optifastlers worldwide on facebook and I LOVE it already.

To the basis: I won´t repeat what I have achieved on my first round in detail but here are the short facts: started the 52 weeks programme in Stuttgart in November 2013 with 137kg. Had an amazing time, wonderful group and very good coaches.  I was living alone, my fianceé 300km away, worked a lot and engaged in a lot of sport activities lieke swimminh, hiking, Zumba and strolling around…yes, this is very effective as well. Lost aroung 40kg altogether down to 94kg and was very happy and felt great. Kept it around the 100 for a very long time,sticking to my routines and healthy food choices.

Now, 4 years later, I am back to 121.9kg after moving the 300km, starting a life with my husband, a new job which kept me traveling around the world, way less sport and finally, starting a family in 2017 after hormonal treatments, having a child, buing and renovating a house, moving, living… I was around 105 back when we started hormones, which rose to 126 until the end of the pregnancy, then down to 110 after that and then slowly roe to where I am now.

Reasons? wrong food choices, lack of control, loss of my Optifast colleagues in Stuttgart and the system I had built up.. i failed to tranfer the good and effective habits into my new life. Now that I am settled as much as I ever expect to be :o), I want to restart it and am confident to do very well. Of course, there will always be changes, but now, the second time around, I will be better prepared. And if I learned anything in life: never stop trying, never stop learning!


So lets see how it goes. I am exited and I will keep you updated!

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